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I post once a year..jealous? October 10, 2012

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Of course you aren’t jealous.  I’m lame.  And sorta blind.


So much has happened in a year.  I suppose everyone whho will read this (my mom) already knows everything.  I had to stop driving because of my vision and it sucks.  I hate relying on people to get anywhere.  I use the bus and access a ride a lot but still.


I gotta think of non favebooking things to put here.  Do people who use facebook have blogs still?


Wells Far-gone August 26, 2011

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What in the heck has happened at Wells Fargo banks?  Someone somewhere has decided that instead of courteous service, the employees need to become Stepford people.  You remember Stepford, don’t you?  The movie where the men of Stepford Connecticut created robots for wives, robots who were fawning, submissive and impossibly agreeable.  The had a blank stare and a permanent smile that left you feeling incredibly creeped out.

Enter Wells Fargo banks.  I don’t have an account there but the people I work for do, so sometimes I just take their check in there to cash it.  You are greeted at the door by an overly cheerful employee whose job seems to be to accost customers as they enter asking “What can Wells Fargo do for you today?” <eye roll>.  She lets you know that “Emily will be helping me with my banking needs today!!”  Oh Goody!

Then you get to a teller (“Hi I’m EMILY!!”)nand she is in fact, perkier and more interested in you than is comfortable.  “How’s your day going?”  “Are you glad it’s Friday?” “That’s a beautiful shirt you are wearing!”  (It’s a plain yellow polo, I’m not kidding).

I’m not exaggerating.  They are ridiculous and it makes me cringe.  And oh boy when they find out I don’t have an account there they are all over me like white on rice.  They offer to tell me the benefits of banking with Wells Fargo and point me towards Melanie, the perfect statue of a banker “right over there who can open an account for me in just 4 minutes!”

The last time I was in there my teller (EMILY!!) asked me if I had a Wells Fargo account and I said “no, and I wouldn’t.”  She said “Oh no!  Did you have a bad experience with Wells Fargo?!”  She was aghast like I said I didn’t like candy or something.  I told her I found their customer service overbearing and phony.  She didn’t say too much after that.

I can appreciate friendly customer service, but when it comes across as insincere and syruppy, you’ve lost me for good.  I dread going in there and always brace myself for it.  I shouldn’t have to do that at the bank.


Kidney beans won’t help… August 15, 2011

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Me and my kidneys are in bad shape.  I went to a specialist, a Nephrologist (sounds expensive, doesn’t it?  It is) an  d he said I have Stage 4 Kidney disease.  My kidneys are functioning at 21%.  When they are at 20% I would get put on a transplant list which is a 4-5 year wait unless I can find a living donor.  There’s a lot of factors to consider there so I’m not really even going there yet.  They said I will probably be on dialysis by the end of this year.  That is 3 days a week, 5 hours each time.  I would not be able to work because of the fatigue, which is already an issue.  I go back to this specialist in a few weeks to talk about specific options.

Mark and I had a little getaway weekend to Estes Park this weekend and it was wonderful.  Pictures are on Facebook if you’re so inclined.  It was a much needed breather from everyhing.

My dad had his second knee surgery and went home but is bck in the hospital with an infection.  He was taken y ambulance this morning and we are now waiting to hear news..*sigh

There are other things going on of course, my whole life isn’t about Dr visits and renal failure.  My eyesight is improving nd am now able to drive and read a little bit.  SO thankful for that.

Katie got married on July 30 and it was such a sweet wedding.  It was very sad for me, for hundreds of reasons.  I am so glad she is where she is today and so glad she has Michael in her life.  Both of my girls have terrific husbands and I consider myself VERY lucky for that.

I got a phone call from Katie and Daniel’s dad after the wedding, complimenting me on the job I’ve done with them as their mother.  He said hey are both so thoughtful and considerate and he can see my influence there.  Was really nice to hear.

I am off to the store, school starts tomorrow for Emma and she needs lunch stuff.  She has braces now so her food world got a little smaller but not too bad.  She is missing apples and popcorn the most, I think.  Thank goodness she can still eat Beefaroni or we would have a serious problem.



Goin’ to the chapel… July 30, 2011

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My daughter Katie is getting married today, in just a few hours.  Most of you know the “history” of Katie and how far she’s come to get to this day.  She’s been sober 3 years and is the most generous, throughtful person you may ever know.

Her wedding is going to be beautiful, with little touches of Katie’s whimsical nature all over it.  I’m so excited.

I wanted to write something profound and poetic here but the words aren’t going to come without a lot of tears and I just can’t do that yet today.  It’s not even 8 in the morning!

Amanda is picking me up to get my hair done so I better get outside and be standing in the street when she gets here.


Dusting Off the Cobwebs July 20, 2011

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I don’t even know how long it’s been since I blogged, at least a year.  I didn’t go back and read any old posts so I don’t even know what was going on in my life then.  Suffice to say, things haven’t been great.


I lost a lot of my vision over the past 18 months or so, due to my diabetes.  I might have had a stroke.  (I’m not sure what I mentioned of this in the pass so forgive if I am repeating myself).


Anyway, after months and months of this that and the other being stuck in my eye (laswers, injections) I am going in for eye surgery tomorrow.  They are going to make an incision and drain out all the fluid and blood that is pooling in there, and hopefully I will be able to see better.  I haven’t been able to read, drive, or watch tv in about a year so I will be glad to see how it goes.  I still watch tv but it’s all black and white and I can’t see any faces.  I can’t read  so I usually type and write from memory and Mark reads every damn thing in the world to me from recipes to medicine to what’s on tv.  My vision has improved a little bit with the last go round of laswers, and I have been able to drive to the park n ride, but I still have to ride the bus.

I have been working with a family in south denver for almost a year now, their baby is 14 months old and I have been there since she was about 12 weeks.  She is a joy and definitely one of the reasons I get up in the morning with a smile on my face.  I ride the bus 90 minutes to work and 90 minutes home and I definitely couldn’t do that if it wasn’t for this face:



Their family is on vacation in Maiine this week, and I miss her so much!

Well, I don’t know if this is a new beginnin g or not, I would like to think it is.  Hopefully after tomorrow I can see well enough to post regularly whether I have anything to say or not.


another one bites the dust… July 19, 2010

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I was up for another nanny position that I really wanted and found out today I didn’t get it.  Except for the location, which was a little farther than I wanted to drive every day, it was perfect.  It’s the second nanny  job I’ve interviewed for recently that I really really wanted and didn’t get.  I’ve had a few others that I probably blew the interview on purpose because after getting there I didn’t really want the job.  Ah well, plugging away…

My 30 year high school reunion is in a couple weeks.  Weird to think all that stuff happened so long ago.  I would love to go to go to the party but I just can’t swing the cost right now.  I’ve heard some people are going to get together on the side and I hope I can get in on that.

Mark and Kelly are outside with their heads in the lawnmower.  We just bought a pretty good used one and have used it several times but now all of the sudden something has happened to it.  I don’t know what’s wrong with it except the gas is leaking out.  Hopefully they will get it fixed because our grass is so long our house probably looks abandoned.

Daniel got a new job at a car dealership and he really likes it.  I’m so happy!  It’s full time and more money than Wally Fart.  I feel bad that he is out in the hot weather (100 degree days here) but he really seems to like it a lot.  Yay!

We haven’t been out on the motorcycle that much because it has been so dang hot.  We actually haven’t done much of anything at all lately.   I would like to go to the hills where it’s cooler or go see Despicable Me in a cool theater, both of  those things sound fun, but for now it’s just more job searching.  Blah.


What? July 12, 2010

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Y’all still here? ya coulda tidied up the place but ok.
I’m not gonna write about how long it’s been since I’ve been here because really..who cares. I don’t write cause I don’t want to most of the time.

Mark and I went camping a couple weeks ago on the motorcycle. We met up with a bunch of other biker types that he knows from online. It was pretty fun, with a few glitches. First of all, whatever it is you want to bring, forget it. Minimal clothes, minimal toiletries, no pillow, 1 pair of shoes, and can forget bringing a bunch of fun snacks..not happening.

It was a pretty neat place, I’ve only camped at an actual campground maybe once before. There were bathrooms and showers, and you were in close proximity to a lot of other campers. I’m used to camping in the National parks where you have basically your run of the forest. Both have good and bad points. The worst thing about the campground was how close all the other people were.

the campers next to us brought a baby. A baby! She cried all night long until at least 4 in the morning. The parents were at each other’s throats about it which didn’t help in the least. When you couldn’t hear the baby crying, the people across the street from us had a yappy little dog that never shut up. Finally at about 430 in the morning both of them shut up and then came The Moaning. Oh, the moaning.

I think the moaner came from the barking dog area but I couldn’t be sure. It started when Mark left the tent to go to the bathroom, perfect timing. I’m all along in the tent and it begins. “AAAhhh” “Ooooh. “Auuuuuggghhh”. At first I couldn’t place if it was an animal or not, i was trying to place what *kind* of animal it could be. Then it became decidedly human. It was almost like someone had a terrible horrible toothache. It went on and on and on. Mark finally came back and I was panicked.
“Did you hear that?!”
“The moaning!!”
“Oh, yea. Weird”

We finally got to sleep and the next morning I just kept looking at all our camp neighbors to try to decide who the moaner was. It was so weird.
I’m trying to find a nanny job but just keep getting weird people and obstacles. People either want to pay $3 an hour or want me to drive 50 miles 2 days and work and be happy about it. I do have an interview on Thursday and it’s everything I want except the distance. It’s about 30 minutes away but it’s full time and it’s a tiny baby. Cross your fingers.

Emma and Mark went to South Dakota this past weekend, to another camping trip for the same group. When she was getting her stuff together she brough it all downstairs and she had a bunch of cothes and shoes and a pillow. First off all her shirts were white, I told her she didn’t want to bring white shirts camping cause one wrong move and you’re filthy. lol Mark looked at the big puffy pillow she initially brought down and we all had a good chuckle about that. Mark said she did really well despite the long distance riding on the bike. The main problem with camping on the bike is since you can’t bring any food or a stove, you have to eat every meal out and that gets really expensive. Also, it means no coffee in the morning!! AUGH

Yesterday we celebrated Katie’s 2 year anniversary of being sober. I am so proud and even giddy that she is doing so well. Those years are a part of my life I never want to even remember much less re-live. Someday maybe I will write a book about all we went through. Or maybe not. In any case, it’s a huge momentous occasion and it was hella fun.

That’s it for now. If your nice I might come back soon.

Here’s a picture I love. What a sexy dude.



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